Tell Us Your Story

“You guys are awesome. You add so much “joy” to my life.”
– Lori from Saipan
“The music on JOY FM is just wonderful. We’re just so blessed.”
– Richard
“We love JOY FM. You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up.”
– Vaughn
“Joy FM is my favorite. I love it! It makes my life good! I never felt this way before, it makes me feel better.”
– Carolyn
“You don’t know me but I know you. I love listening to JOY FM.”
– Mailene
“Thanks and praise God for JOY FM and the amazing help it has been for me listening this last year. I hope that others are being blessed the same way and that more radio stations can be like ours.”
– BJ from Saipan
“I listen to you every morning. I love this station. I like the program with Doug Bachelor too.”
– David of Barrigada
“This station teaches how to pray and how to honor God’s laws. It’s such a blessing.”
– Carmen
“I love it! Keep up the good work!”
– Ray Cepeda
JOYFM is great .Praise the Lord for the station
– Pastor William Tara of Kosrae
“There are so many searching and there are a lot of guy’s listening to Joy FM at the prison. Thank you for your ministry that’s sharing the word on the inside!”
– Anonymous
“This is the best radio station! I listen All day while I work on the farm.”
– John Mendiola of Saipan
“I like the devotions and more wisdom and knowledge about God’s Word!”
– Joan
“Your efforts in the radio ministry in Guam have helped me to turn to Christ. Thank you for making a difference. “
– Jen
“I love what you do!”
– Jessie
“Keep doing what your doing!”
– Wanda
“Hearing God’s message and inspirational songs is encouraging.”
– Sandra
“While listening to Joy FM I asked the Lord to come in to my life. Thank you fro being there at the time I needed you.”
– Ed
“I know there are many other people that are listening hearing Gods word about the Bible. Keep doing the work you are doing!”
– Lisa
“I have been blessed with Joy FM all these years.”
– Connie
“I can turn it on and not have to worry about the content. I know it will be good to listen to. Thank you for having it.”
– Katy
“Thank you, Joy FM for being there all the time. Thank you for airing programs like It is Written, Adventures in Odyssey and Your Story Hour. They have helped me in my most trying and uncertain times and they still do. Keep staying as the lighthouse of the Marianas. God bless!”
– Anonymous from Saipan