Are you looking for an emergency loan that gets approved quickly and does not require you to pay that much? Simple Payday is the company you’re looking for. It provides all the features you want from a quick emergency loan without adding too much pressure on your payment fees.

Here are some FAQ about the service:

Payday loan nature

As the name implies, the loan requires you to pay the money you borrow during your next payday or 30 days from the time that the loan gets approved. Therefore, this type of loan is good only for an emergency solution where you need a small amount of money.

Amount of loan

If you’re expecting a loan higher than £1000, this is not the type of loan you need. Simple Payday can only lend money up to £1000. However, the amount of money that you can borrow still depends on your ability to pay and the circumstances present at the moment.


The company offers a one-off charge repay the amount that you can pay on your next payday. However, it’s important to remember that the amount depends from lender to lender. You can see the charges on your the company’s website.

Application period

If you’re in a hurry and you know that you’re capable of paying the amount in 30 days, it’s the right loan for you. You can finish the application in 60 seconds and gets approved in a couple of minutes. When you use this service, you don’t need to spend time convincing a friend to lend a money.

Repayment method

The company only requires a simple debit card for you to repay the loan. If you have it, you’ll have a smooth and quick approval for your application.

Other information

You only need to provide your personal information such as name, contact number, address, work, income details and your bank details to get approved.