Pearls sometimes are confusing to recognize whether it’s synthetic or genuine.  As there are being cultured pearls, some kinds form almost the same with those are being formed naturally in the ocean.  If you are not yet familiar with the types, you’ll end up purchasing an expensive one.  In this article, let’s examine the things you should know in choosing the right For more details, go here on Pearl Earrings Stud.

  1. Get familiar with the variety of pearls in the market.  Before you go to a jewelry store, make a research of the different varieties of pearl.  Numerous articles are found in the internet about the different types including those which are just newly named or discovered.  Some popular and expensive types of pearls are Japanese Akoya, Chinese Akoya, White-Black-or Golden South Sea.  If you are just a simple collector with tight budget, you can choose from fresh water pearls, natural or synthetic pearls which are affordable but still look fantastic when being worn.
  2. Get familiar with the quality. If you see large-sized pearls, they might be those expensive ones.  Remember, it takes longer time to form a large pearl.  But if you talk about its shape, round ones are much better than those are not.  Although there are some who will settle for other shapes, still most women prefer the round ones.  Well, round shapes are perfect in the eyes.

Talking about the color, most pearls come in white.  but did you know that there are black pearls, too? Yes! the Tahitian types are black pearls which also known to be of steeper price than whites.  But the look? Oh, black pearls are magnificent!

  1. Try to bite your pearl.  If it’s a bit rough, then they are genuine or natural pearls.  Synthetic pearls are smoother in texture.
  2. The value of pearl depends on its type.  Make sure that you have familiarize yourself with the different kinds.